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Snake Animal Sign

Romance/Love Prediction : The single parent is likely to meet a new partner during this period, but no smooth sailing. Spending more time and exercising a little patience will eventually help to overcome the situation. For the young carefree type, he/she is enjoying a newfound relationship, but with certain disappointments. Newly married couples are preparing to have a new family member sooner than envisaged. For those living with lover, may feel unsure about the relationship all of a sudden and develop some doubts about the whole affair. Perhaps wanting out is not a bad decision at this stage.

Money/Finance Prediction : Stop worrying excessively over insecurity with personal financial affairs, which could affect one's emotions, causing anxiety and sleepless nights. Almighty God might not necessarily answer one's prayer when one fails to see that such problem are self-inflicted. Work out personal financial plans and choose to eradicate a financial crisis through improved spending. Consider yourself lucky, for there are others who can be in a worse situation than you are. For those with surplus income, it might be prudent to have savings or long-term investment schemes.

Fitness/Health Prediction : The thought of getting old should not induce fear, which only causes anxiety or emotional stress. Ageing is parts of the process of life and once an individual understands it and readily accepts the facts, then one has nothing to fear. Enjoy life as it is, especially for those enjoying a clean bill of health. Indulging in plastic surgery might only provide a temporary false sense of youthfulness. As one probably knows, there are many who are less fortunate with their health conditions.

Luck Prediction : Sometimes one feels as though powerless when faced with a situation that is bigger than you. Somehow one manages to solve the problem through industrious effort, utilizing wisdom and patience. More importantly, one understands the culture in which one lives and begins to comprehend the impact it has and use such knowledge to rejuvenate personal life. As you change and progress, maintain or add a pool of positive people who inspire and motivate you.

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