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Sheep Animal Sign

Romance/Love Prediction : The widow/widower or the unattached start to venture out in the open again and should be very cautious with any new advances after being isolated for sometime. One should know that rushing into a new relationship will not necessary work in the end. Hence it is quite important to let time take its course for a lasting relationship to blossom. For married couples, one should try building bridges rather than burning them even though it might not be your fault in any disagreement. Just do not let personal pride be the stumbling block.

Money/Finance Prediction : The female type should have no major financial worries and tends to enjoy spending a little bit more on loved ones for certain special occasions. Those running a business will be enjoying bumper harvests and can afford to treat life better. It is advisable to tread cautiously with surplus rather than splashing it out lavishly. As long as one has adequate control over spending urges, things will turn out fine. For others, one needs to watch and avoid any get rich quick scheme that could cost an individual quite a substantial amount of money either through the courts or because of insurance claims.

Fitness/Health Prediction : This period, one may experience strenuous pain to the back, spine or upper parts of the body as a consequence of over-work or lack of movement/exercises. One should not take things for granted, hoping minor pains will disappear after a while. Do not underestimate initial symptoms for it could lead to severe physical deformation at a later stage in life when untreated illness rekindles and becomes aggressive. The worst-case scenario, that it could become a cancerous or terminal illness, which could be more difficult to treat. Hence, one is advised to heed early warning symptoms rather than ignoring it.

Luck Prediction : The recent encouragement to colleagues, friends or family members has brought some remarkable improvement to their lifestyle. One should not expect rewards or appreciation in return, merely to avoid disappointment at a later stage. Do what you think is within your capability and walk away from success if you can. One should also appreciate experiencing priceless moments of happiness in seeing others enjoying a successful moment through sheer industrious effort. Do not always gauge success with having to gain materialistic things in life.

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