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Scorpio Horoscope

If your birthday falls somewhere in between October 23 and November 21, you have a birthday horoscope of Scorpio that will give you every reason to celebrate and be happy about. After a study of the planetary positions having effect on the zodiac sign, the birthday horoscope of Scorpio brings along a wonderful opportunity to have a brief idea about the year ahead in terms of love, relations, money and career and health.

Being a Scorpio, you must be a lover of traditions and conservative ways of thinking and therefore you might have complete faith in astrology and the power of horoscope. The concept has come down from time immemorial and is as intriguing and mysterious as your own character trait is.

As predicted by the birthday horoscope of Scorpio, you will have a year that is quite satisfying in the overall scenario. The focus will primarily be on your career which will bring your great deal of success. Your ability to not compromise on any level of career and at the same time your ability to give your every bit to be the best will see you up the ladder of success.

This is especially true during the days towards the beginning of the year, with the mid-year reaping great benefits out of the effort you put in. But if you think carrier is all that will be of concern to you in the New Year, it will surprise you steadily but gradually. From pursuing your creative self with great passion to pouring money in the bank, developing new and old relationships to gaining recognition both in work and family are what the year has brought to your doorstep.

You can travel around if you can keep your health proper through exercise regime and healthy diet. Mid-year might see you suffering from a few ailments related to backbone and digestion but the medication can help to keep them away from the aggravation of the situation.

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