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Rabbit Animal Sign

Romance/Love Prediction : Those engaged in secret relationship, ensure one takes full responsibility when pregnancy is involved. Otherwise one will create an innocent victim in society. One needs to view the consequences thoroughly for the sake of the unborn child. For those still single, one is likely to meet several opportunities in the near future and could suddenly be spoilt for choice. Take you time and spend more time in getting to know them better before taking the relationship to the next level.

Money/Finance Prediction : There have been discussion of plans that would benefit an individual financially and the possibility of leading others to worthwhile activities. It is a step closer towards reality but one still needs to treat with caution and pay special attention to the small print religiously. However, one should be able to overcome the situation rather rapidly by making a few adjustments and things could be back on track. To be on the cautious side, one needs to treat the whole event with much more respect. No matter what happens, handle it tactfully to have the whole situation under control.

Fitness/Health Prediction : Time to look forward to spring as a time of new beginnings. One should feel good about oneself when able to do something good. Hence remember to maintain a healthy mind and physical body for there is so much to fulfill ahead and others are also dependant on your commitments. There might be insufficient time for an individual to take a long break, perhaps only mini breaks. More importantly, one should try to achieve a balanced life style, separating work and play.

Luck Prediction : Try not to compromise too often and too quickly without having second thoughts of the consequences. One does not necessarily have to decide on the spot when one is not comfortable with a deal or arrangement. Otherwise the lesson to be learnt could be costly in terms of finance or reputation. There is no clear, single, right solution to the issue but one can minimize the potential damage through detailed discussions. The irony is, others might not be as forgiving as you, if things have gone terribly wrong that may upset the higher chain in command.

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