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Pig Animal Sign

Romance/Love Prediction : Watching a child growing up is priceless to most parents, especially if the baby is the first-born. It is going to be a new challenge ahead and one will not be easily deterred by some stories from friends of family members. For those finally decided to settle down for good, one must have reached a mature conclusion and there is no turning back after that. No one can truthfully tell you how wonderful or how nightmarish married life can be, for it is up to both of you to turn the lifestyle into a warm loving home. More importantly, one should not shy away immediately at the first sign of a crisis developing.

Money/Finance Prediction : Things are likely to become clearer with financial dealings as time progresses toward the first week of the month. One will gradually realize the importance and potential complication if one does not exercise a relatively quiet control over financial expenditure. One should not treat any situation lightly and take things for granted; otherwise others could start to take advantage of your generosity. Just remember that money does not grow on trees and indeed one has to work hard to earn such money. It would be a shame to see that one can merely pour hard earned money down the drain, which can be put to other more meaningful use.

Fitness/Health Prediction : Time to review personal health regime for those that suddenly encounter low esteem in public life. One might not have noticed the changing appearance until someone points it out to you. Hopefully one will not be offended for such direct opinion or suggestion. Only real genuine friends will tell you straight to your face. One should feel grateful and take corrective measures to address it without hesitation. It is never too late to have any medical check up especially for those who do not enjoy visiting the doctor.

Luck Prediction : Usually, one does not undertake things until one has understood it. Put in other words, not a risk taker. During this period, one tends to take chances on what one is willing to explore into the unknown and perhaps get involved religiously. Adopting an open mind would be your best choice and one could be quite surprised to have ended up more positive at the end of the experience. What one has learnt compounded by the fresh ideas one developed and individuals encountered could eventually lead to extraordinary changes ahead.

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