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Ox Animal Sign

Romance/Love Prediction : Young individuals are quite reluctant to leave the nest when opportunity arises. However parents need to learn to let their children go when the times arrives and continue to provide all the support where required. For those born in 1970 to 1990 and still single, one needs to explore the rest of the outside world, one should not have self-pity for living alone. Each and every individual is different and unique, comparison with others is always bad. One's destiny could be fated to a certain extent but one can also alter it by taking control rather than merely accepting it by being unaware. As long as one has not given up hope, one will always stand a chance of finding the right companion at the appropriate moment and place. On the other hand not necessarily everyone will be happy having found a partner either.

Money/Finance Prediction : Those dealing in the property market should perform "reasonably well", i.e. where one either makes an excellent profit or reduces losses through purchases and sales. Not every one will have the good fortune or talent to achieve such success. It is important to maintain a portion of the profit in liquid assets at this stage so that one can make the money work more efficiently when the moment arrives. For others, one might have to exercise some control over lavish spending and prioritize meeting more immediate needs. Those with bad debts could encounter pressure to fulfill payments that are long overdue.

Fitness/Health Prediction : Time to start doing something about excess weight around the waistline especially for those usually confined to the office environment, who do not indulge in exercise after work. It is always easier to pile on the weight than to get rid of it, keeping in mind not only that it slows down one's agility, but one could also develop an illness like hypertension, stroke, or diabetes. Hopefully one will not leave it too late for the condition to become more acute. Start taking responsibility for one's health and welfare by abstaining from consumption of fatty food, smoking, drinking or alcohol intake and try taking exercises. One will be amazed the difference the improvement will bring.

Luck Prediction : When it comes to devising brilliant ideas or dealing with problems, you rarely lack ideas for situations that interest you and usually able to provide assistance to others as well. Life can suddenly become more complicated than originally envisaged. Consider this as a new challenge for there are new things to discover and one could get hooked up and might find it a bit difficult to let go. Just a word of caution, do not have eyes with blinkers on when one tends to concentrate or focus on certain things.

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