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Dragon Animal Sign

Romance/Love Prediction : Young or unattached lovers are playing with fire by ignoring advice from parents or family members. One should not feel embarrassed for making a wrong turn and do not let personal pride be the stumbling block. The Dragon type usually possesses a relatively strong or stubborn attitude where personal preferences are concerned. Sometimes one could be right in exercising such behavior but it is not necessarily appropriate all the time. Do not rush into making a decision under emotional distress. One will be surprised how forgiving your parents and family members could be.

Money/Finance Prediction : Winning and losing should be treated as part of life. One cannot expect to continue winning or losing all the time. During this period, one might complain too much about losses in the recent performance of the volatile share market. Things are in such a volatile state that even the expert economists' predictions could easily go haywire. It is advisable that one should tread carefully when making further investments, business dealings or purchasing properties. Consider the long-term aspects rather than immediate need. Ideally one should maintain the present situation rather than advancing.

Fitness/Health Prediction : Worrying unnecessarily over someone's wellbeing could exhaust an individual unconsciously. Perhaps one has approached it in the wrong manner and thinking all along that one has made the right choice. If in doubt, speak out or seek advice form professional organisations. Do not let personal pride be the stumbling block to improvement or progress. One needs to bear in mind that there are limitations to an individual's capability. Loved ones will not undermine your determination and strong characteristic or, put another way, stubborn attitude. There is no shame in asking for help when needed.

Luck Prediction : You may know what you wanted to achieve, but momentarily encounter certain obstacles that prevent it from becoming a reality. You could learn something positive from such tedious problems or encounters and individuals involved. One needs to discuss the situation so that others can get a fresh perspective on both your requirements and ambitions. The outcome enables one to refine existing plans and perhaps develop new ones. This may mean a delay in achieving your goals but the ultimate outcome is going to be more satisfying than originally envisaged.

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