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Horoscope 2014 » Dog 2014

Dog Animal Sign

Romance/Love Prediction : The married female has some control over her loved ones at times. This happens only when the other half is willing to be led rather than to be leading. So do not be misled by such temporary submission. For young lovers, they are facing a dilemma of choosing the right one. Life is sometimes complicated, unless one chooses not to fall in love in the first instance. Maybe it is too late now.

Money/Finance Prediction : Reviewing personal financial status has been high on the agenda. Plans for the near and immediate future have developed some concerns for those with several commitments. One will be able to keep one's head above water through careful budgeting, sacrifice and continuous industrious effort at work or business. Avoid splashing out on some extravagance for loved ones when one does not feel comfortable with it and what is the point one is trying to prove or demonstrate. One can certainly put to more meaningful use some of the cash.

Fitness/Health Prediction : The Dog type is likely to encounter a minor accident through negligence and taking things for granted under normal daily chores. It might not be life threatening but suffering from any kind of incident is likely to cause an individual to experience some distress and inconvenience in movement. For those lacking in exercise, one is likely to realize how badly in shape one is, especially with the stamina. And if one is also a smoker, it is going to worsen the condition. The choice is for the individual to decide whether one is happy to live the life as it is or take corrective steps to improve for whatever reasons.

Luck Prediction : Recently, a variety of circumstances have forced an individual to reconsider views on a number of issues relating to personal career development, financial and professional conduct. It is still not too late to discover the situation where one is either stuck in the past or is undervaluing oneself. Behind all these lies an opportunity to shed burdensome arrangements and replace them with something positive. Once you have learnt what options are available, you do not encounter difficulty in letting go of the past.

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